SBOEVN has several fully operational welding bays complete with all pre and post heating equipment with digital heat monitors. SBOEVN are one of the few companies that can offer a full range of manual hard facing in house on parts up to 10M long. SBOEVN employ and license the QuickTip system for manual hard facing. QuickTip is a high quality hard facing system for down hole tools. The system couples tungsten carbide inserts with a patented innovative application process. This is now the system of choice for leading oil service companies across the world. The QuickTip process will extend the life of your tools, thereby reducing your costs, improving your productivity and providing you with an edge over your competition. QuickTip guarantees bonding, via a simple to use application procedure.

The most common materials applied in SBOEVN include HF3000 tungsten carbide tiles, buttered layers and HF5000 tungsten carbide matrix. We also have in house furnaces for heat treatment of components prior and post weld if required