Schoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield Equipment AG (SBO) is the global market leader

for high-precision components for the oil service industry.The business focus is on non-magnetic drillstring components for directional drilling. Additionally, the group manufactures drilling motors and drilling tools and offers to its customers full-scale repair and maintenance services. SBO’s unique market position, the technological know-how of our employees combined with our strong customer-orientation give our products and services the leading edge.

SBO’s operative companies are present in all major centers of the oil drilling industry and are independently operating local units. The SBO group provides the framework for a joint strategy and a sound financial basis of their successful economic performance.

Leadership in technology, quality and service counts among the declared corporate objectives, with customer benefit being both the target and the starting point of our activities. Our innovative products and services benefit our customers, which, ultimately, is mirrored in the company value of SBO.